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Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated interns, we are proud to present you resources that will help you and your organization grow as a leader in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). If you are interested in learning more about the truth of Hiring Employees with Disabilities and or Criminal Records, be sure to check out our infographics below!

On Hiring employees with disabilities and criminal records:

An Employer's guide to accomodations:

Web-based resources

Organizations with additional Resources

Provides expert and resources like the JAN Workplace Accommodation Toolkit and practical guides to reasonable accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act(ADA). 

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Provides workforce solutions for businesses to help build an inclusive an engaged culture to enhance quality productivity. 

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Employers can connect with potential candidates who have a disability and(or) criminal record at no cost. 

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  • Employers should enter their job openings as well as search the candidate profiles.
  • In their job openings, employers can attract people with a criminal record and/or disability by checking the box “Returning Citizen (formerly in prison)”, “People with Disabilities”, “Older Worker”, “Veterans focus”, etc.

Works in partnership with businesses and industry to design innovative and flexible employment training programs for individuals with disabilities. 

MCTI assists employers with hiring new employees with disabilities and also provides training programs on the employment of individuals with disabilities.

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Federal tax credit for employers that hire targeted populations. Learn more here.

The Fidelity Bond covers job seekers who are considered high-risk and protects employers from any loss of money or property incurred as a result of dishonesty by high-risk workers. It also protects an employer against dishonest acts of theft, larceny, forgery and embezzlement.

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Click here to see EEOC guidance on disability discrimination.

Click here to see EEOC guidance on criminal records and employment decisions.

Socially responsible for-profit focused on innovation, education and facilitation as it pertains to helping businesses gain a more diverse workforce. Learn more

Provides Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and programs for employers.

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Accessiversity Labs offers organizations a safe, proactive way to conduct accessibility assessments of their web site, software products, mobile applications, business processes, among others. Learn more.

CEO provides employment and training services to people returning home from incarceration, majority of whom are on probation or parole. Employers can partner with CEO for direct hiring, training and retention services. Click here to know more.

More information about the Michigan (Detroit) office location here.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, the CDE is a highly collaborative effort among several disability and business organizations working to change attitudes about disability and employment.

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Presentation and list of resources from the webinar organized by U.S. EEOC Miami District (FL, PR, USVI). For more details please click here.

The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) Michigan partnered with the Michigan Collaborative to End Mass Incarceration (MI-CEMI) during Second Chance Month to host a webinar focused on reentry and employment. Watch for a rich dialogue from experts across the field: including individuals with lived experience, local training and workforce development partners who focus on providing opportunities for returning citizens, employers, and county government.